Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi. Its me again reporting for last week's (week four) progress.
In any sports training program or fat loss effort, it is inevitable that one may encounter results hitting a plateau (i.e. stagnation). So I am not surprised that it is happening to me. Stagnation happens when the past actions taken are no longer effective to produce better results. So something different need to be done.

Over the last two weeks, I experimented taking TRA Dien O Lean at night just before bed time. This product helps to loosen up fats that are residing inside my body. Together with some exercise, it becomes easier to burn off my body fats. Since I took it at night, where the follow up activity is sleep, I guess fat burn becomes less effective.

So this week (week five), I will take TRA Dien O Lean during day time to see if it produces better results. Stay tuned for my update next week.

My stats on 28 Feb 2009.

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 66kg (-0.1kg)

Body fat : 12.8% (-1.3%)

Visceral Fat Index : 6 (---)

Muscles : 36.8 (+0.7%)

Arms : 29cm (---)

Waist : 77cm (-0.5cm)

Chest : 91cm (-0.5cm)

Body age : 32yrs (-1yr)