Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is the Galvanic Spa really that effective? Wow!

It was designed to firm up sagging facial skin and to tone up flabby tummy and thighs to make one look 10 years younger. I did 5 minutes of spa on my abdominals everyday for the whole of last week. To my surprise, my Visceral Fat (internal organ fats) level dropped from 6 to 5! And my total weight dropped too!

Actually, one of my goal in doing the Total Wellness Program is to gain weight (muscles) and loose body fats. I am very successful in reducing the body fats, but my overall weight went down too. I think the sudden drop of weight over the last week is because of the reduction of Visceral Fats. So even though I lost weight, it is due to fat loss and not muscle loss (my arms and chest has not shrunk).

This coming week (Graduation Week No. 8), I am making a final attempt to bring my body weight beyond 66.1kg with a further reduction of body fats to 11% or less. This round, I will do 15 minutes of Galvanic Spa daily on my abdominals & chest. I will also consume more healthy protein like skinless chicken and fish to feed the muscles. I want to see a really ripped six packs with a nice chest plate on top!

My Stats on 21 Mar 2009

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 64.8kg (-1.3kg) Hmm, sudden drop.

Body Fats : 11.5% (-2.6%)

Visceral Fat Index : 5 (-1) Yeah! Finally a reduction!

Muscles : 37.4% (+1.3%)

Arms : 29 cm (--)

Waist : 76 cm (-1.5cm)

Chest : 91 cm (-0.5cm)

Body age : 31 Yrs (-2)