Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ah hah, I discovered the power of TRA Diene-O-Lean!

This supplement containing conjugated linoleic acid helps to loosen up the sturborn body fats. Together with physical activities, it is easier to burn the fats. In the previous two weeks before last week, I consumed Diene-O-Lean at night prior to sleep. Since I was sleeping, there were not much physical activities, hence the fat burning effects were not so pronounced. Last week, I switched to taking the product in the day where I am busy moving around doing my work. The fat loss was incredible (see my stats below). Can you see the deep line that splits my abdominals muscles to two halves? All this was achieved without any change in my eating habits or any further increase in my daily exercise! Wow, I loved it!

This coming week (week 6), I am attempting to increase my body weight beyond 66.5kg with a further reduction of body fats to 11% or less. I have a pretty good idea how to do it but i shall not disclose the plan yet. Stay tuned for my report next week.

My Stats on 7 Mar 2009

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 65.8kg (-0.3kg)

Body Fats : 11.9% (-2.2%)

Visceral Fat Index : 6 (---)

Muscles : 37.3% (+1.2%)

Arms : 29 cm (--)

Waist : 77 cm (-0.5cm)

Chest : 91 cm (-0.5cm)

Body age : 32 Yrs (-1)