Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wow, eight weeks flew by so quickly. The Total Wellness Program is over and I am going to miss my fellow participants.

As a class, we lost a total weight of 86kg out of which 70% of the weight is fat loss.

As for me, I am pretty pleased with my own results. The before/after photos speaks for itself. Although I did not manage to gain weight, I did shed quite a bit of body fats to allow my six packs to show. Not bad considering that I need not have to endure very tough workouts to achieve the muscle definations. The Total Wellness Program is just incredible!

Weight: 66.1kg to 64.7kg

Fat: 14.1% to 11.9%

Fat (kg): 9.3kg to 7.7kg

Visceral Fat Index: 6 to 5

Muscles: 36.1% to 37.1%

Muscle (kg): 23.8kg to 24kg

Arms : 29cm to 28cm

Chest : 91.5cm to 90cm

Waist : 77.5cm to 75cm

Abdomen : 82.5cm to 80cm

Body Age : 33yrs to 31yrs

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is the Galvanic Spa really that effective? Wow!

It was designed to firm up sagging facial skin and to tone up flabby tummy and thighs to make one look 10 years younger. I did 5 minutes of spa on my abdominals everyday for the whole of last week. To my surprise, my Visceral Fat (internal organ fats) level dropped from 6 to 5! And my total weight dropped too!

Actually, one of my goal in doing the Total Wellness Program is to gain weight (muscles) and loose body fats. I am very successful in reducing the body fats, but my overall weight went down too. I think the sudden drop of weight over the last week is because of the reduction of Visceral Fats. So even though I lost weight, it is due to fat loss and not muscle loss (my arms and chest has not shrunk).

This coming week (Graduation Week No. 8), I am making a final attempt to bring my body weight beyond 66.1kg with a further reduction of body fats to 11% or less. This round, I will do 15 minutes of Galvanic Spa daily on my abdominals & chest. I will also consume more healthy protein like skinless chicken and fish to feed the muscles. I want to see a really ripped six packs with a nice chest plate on top!

My Stats on 21 Mar 2009

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 64.8kg (-1.3kg) Hmm, sudden drop.

Body Fats : 11.5% (-2.6%)

Visceral Fat Index : 5 (-1) Yeah! Finally a reduction!

Muscles : 37.4% (+1.3%)

Arms : 29 cm (--)

Waist : 76 cm (-1.5cm)

Chest : 91 cm (-0.5cm)

Body age : 31 Yrs (-2)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Been really busy on Sat and Sunday. Only managed to update today 16 Mar 2009

Looking at my results, it was not as ideal as I want it to be. The fat level tipped over 12% again while muscles dropped slightly. I think it is because I did not feel well last week. Hence I did not managed to do my daily quota of 10 minutes resistance exercise for 4 days.

This coming week (week 7), I am making a second attempt to increase my body weight beyond 66.5kg with a further reduction of body fats to 11% or less. This round, I will mobilise the Galvanic Spa and take the ProBiotics regularly. One firms up loose skin while the later strengthen the gastro health so that nutrients gets absorbed better by the body.

My Stats on 14 Mar 2009

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 65.7kg (-0.4kg)

Body Fats : 12.1% (-2%)

Visceral Fat Index : 6 (---)

Muscles : 37.1% (+1%)

Arms : 29 cm (--)

Waist : 76 cm (-1.5cm)

Chest : 90 cm (-1.5cm)

Body age : 32 Yrs (-1)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ah hah, I discovered the power of TRA Diene-O-Lean!

This supplement containing conjugated linoleic acid helps to loosen up the sturborn body fats. Together with physical activities, it is easier to burn the fats. In the previous two weeks before last week, I consumed Diene-O-Lean at night prior to sleep. Since I was sleeping, there were not much physical activities, hence the fat burning effects were not so pronounced. Last week, I switched to taking the product in the day where I am busy moving around doing my work. The fat loss was incredible (see my stats below). Can you see the deep line that splits my abdominals muscles to two halves? All this was achieved without any change in my eating habits or any further increase in my daily exercise! Wow, I loved it!

This coming week (week 6), I am attempting to increase my body weight beyond 66.5kg with a further reduction of body fats to 11% or less. I have a pretty good idea how to do it but i shall not disclose the plan yet. Stay tuned for my report next week.

My Stats on 7 Mar 2009

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 65.8kg (-0.3kg)

Body Fats : 11.9% (-2.2%)

Visceral Fat Index : 6 (---)

Muscles : 37.3% (+1.2%)

Arms : 29 cm (--)

Waist : 77 cm (-0.5cm)

Chest : 91 cm (-0.5cm)

Body age : 32 Yrs (-1)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi. Its me again reporting for last week's (week four) progress.
In any sports training program or fat loss effort, it is inevitable that one may encounter results hitting a plateau (i.e. stagnation). So I am not surprised that it is happening to me. Stagnation happens when the past actions taken are no longer effective to produce better results. So something different need to be done.

Over the last two weeks, I experimented taking TRA Dien O Lean at night just before bed time. This product helps to loosen up fats that are residing inside my body. Together with some exercise, it becomes easier to burn off my body fats. Since I took it at night, where the follow up activity is sleep, I guess fat burn becomes less effective.

So this week (week five), I will take TRA Dien O Lean during day time to see if it produces better results. Stay tuned for my update next week.

My stats on 28 Feb 2009.

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 66kg (-0.1kg)

Body fat : 12.8% (-1.3%)

Visceral Fat Index : 6 (---)

Muscles : 36.8 (+0.7%)

Arms : 29cm (---)

Waist : 77cm (-0.5cm)

Chest : 91cm (-0.5cm)

Body age : 32yrs (-1yr)