Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wow, eight weeks flew by so quickly. The Total Wellness Program is over and I am going to miss my fellow participants.

As a class, we lost a total weight of 86kg out of which 70% of the weight is fat loss.

As for me, I am pretty pleased with my own results. The before/after photos speaks for itself. Although I did not manage to gain weight, I did shed quite a bit of body fats to allow my six packs to show. Not bad considering that I need not have to endure very tough workouts to achieve the muscle definations. The Total Wellness Program is just incredible!

Weight: 66.1kg to 64.7kg

Fat: 14.1% to 11.9%

Fat (kg): 9.3kg to 7.7kg

Visceral Fat Index: 6 to 5

Muscles: 36.1% to 37.1%

Muscle (kg): 23.8kg to 24kg

Arms : 29cm to 28cm

Chest : 91.5cm to 90cm

Waist : 77.5cm to 75cm

Abdomen : 82.5cm to 80cm

Body Age : 33yrs to 31yrs