Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi, its me again for the weekly update. Something that I did last week (week two) seems to be working.

I have not been running at all (since day one of the program). But I do take a 20 minutes brisk walk every morning from four bus stops away to my work place. This easy effort saves me bus fare (petrol price just went up again ya) and burned some body fats.

Food wise, I ensured that I have three regular meals comprising healthy selection of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruits. In between meals, I do take my TrimShake which is a delicious blend of low fat protein and carbohydrate. It kept my energy level up and kept me full too. I made sure that I ate food that are low in fat and sugars, but I do indulged once or twice on leftover chinese new year goodies. (hee hee!)

And finally, the Total Wellness Supplements are quietly working very hard for me in my body. I consumed them diligently everyday. Whatever effort I put into my exercise and nutrition routine, the supplements enabled me to amplify my results by 3 to 4 times! I would say for sure that my results would not have been possible if not for the Wellness Products. Will tell you more about them next week.

Check out my stats 14 Feb 2009. I am really pleased.

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 66.5kg (+0.4kg)

Body fat : 11.4% (-2.7%)

Visceral Fat Index : 6 (---)

Muscles : 37.7 (+1.6%)

Arms : 29cm (---)

Waist : 77.5cm (---)

Chest : 91.5cm (---)

Body age : 32yrs (-1yr)

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